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Mentorship Marathon

For Startups During & Beyond COVID19

18 May – 18 August

The Mentorship Marathon is a 22 on Sloane initiative aimed to support startups towards re-thinking and re-evaluating their business models. The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected all businesses both big and small and we hope that the mentorship marathon will support startups to remain agile and re-think their business goals and survival during and beyond this period.

How does it Work?


We have a dedicated team that will match a startup with a mentor depending on the need of the startup, the sector, and the profile of the mentor. We encourage that all mentorship engagement take place virtually during this time.


For more enquiries, email our Residency Manager on

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How is it monitored?

Mentor & startup are encouraged to set 2-3 goals and develop a strategic plan towards achieving them. We will check up with each startup and mentor monthly to receive feedback. Both parties are also encouraged to reach out to us at any time in the day and relay to us how the sessions are going

Duration of mentorship

Both mentors and startups can decide and come to a mutual understanding of this, but we recommend the mentor & startup to commit at least 1 hour bi-weekly.

Who can apply to be a mentor?

Anyone can apply to be a mentor. It is recommended that CEOs, senior managers in firms, retired Executives, mid and senior managers, experienced and successful entrepreneurs all qualify to mentor startups.

Who can apply as a startup?

We are looking for startups that are in different stages of their business, whether in pre-seed, seed, early and growth phase. SMMEs are also part of this and are welcomed to apply.

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