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Mentoring is “a mutually beneficial relationship which involves a more experienced person helping a less experienced person to identify and achieve their goals”. Mentorship at Africa’s largest startup campus provides Entrepreneurship Mentoring to its Residents at NO COST to either parties. The initiative is facilitated by 22 ON SLOANE, where the mentorship takes place.


  • A mentor provides support, a sounding board, knowledge, encouragement, guidance, and constructive feedback to the mentee by developing a genuine interest in the growth of their abilities and talents.


  • A mentee actively seeks support and guidance in their career and professional development from an experienced planner. A mentee always has ultimate responsibility for their career and professional development.


The relationship is based upon encouragement, constructive feedback, openness, mutual trust, respect and a willingness to learn and share.


The initiative provides a platform for experienced industry experts, and startups that are part of the Residency Programme to develop a supportive and knowledge-sharing environment by meeting regularly and discussing matters relating to industry trends within an organised and supportive framework offered by 22 ON SLOANE. The initiative’s purpose is not to guarantee access to market for startups or for recruitment purposes but to facilitate support required to operate and sustain a business.

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