22 On Sloane Accelerator The Catalytic Programme

Are You Innovative, Young, Driven, Technology Startup In Education, E-commerce, Financial Services, Gaming, Health…or Building Tech Enabled Products or Services Across Africa?

The Catalytic programme is designed to support high impact digital startups across Africa to start, launch, commercialise and scale. The programme is designed to support startups in pre-seed and seed stages.

What We Offer

Capacity Building

Business Readiness
Level (BRL)

+ Business Model
+ Business Case
+ Market Testing
+ Commercialisation
+ Scale

Technology Readiness
Level (TRL)

+ Product Validation
+ Alpha & Beta Testing
+ Field Testing
+ Launch Pad

Access to Capital

Roadshow Material

+ Strategy Roadmap
+ Valuation
+ Data Room
+ Pitch Deck
+ Deal Structuring

Investor Network


+ USD$10k Cash Seed Investment
+ Leverage our Investor Network: GBAN, VC4A, Africa Next, ABAN

Access to Markets



+ Off take Partners
+ Commercial Partners
+ Tech Partners



+ Piloting
+ Marketing/Advertising
+ Brand Development

1 YR Programme

USD$200k worth of Capacity Building Support

Free Residency @ 22 On Sloane campus in Johannesburg

Access to our investor network with combined value of over USD$500M

USD$10k cash seed investment

All paid expenses to the annual Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) Saudi Arabia in 2022

Leverage GEN Network in 180 Nations and 22 On Sloane’s Corporate network in dozens of countries across Africa.

In return 22 On Sloane Capital takes an equity stake (or equivalent instrument) in the Startup in line with the value derived by the Startup by virtue of 22 On Sloane’s involvement.

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Other Programmes

22 On Sloane Mentorship Programme

22 On Sloane Mentorship Programme

The 22 On Sloane Mentorship Programme is designed to provide our Startups with valuable guidance and support from corporates, academics, business leaders and/or industry experts. In exchange for their time and expertise -22 On Sloane will reward them by moving them up the mentorship levels. At level 3, participants are recognized as certified 22 On Sloane Mentors, and are offered entrance into the Angel in Residence Programme.

22 On Sloane Incubation Programme

22 On Sloane Incubation Programme

22 on Sloane Incubation programme is designed for entrepreneurs who are in the process of starting or launching their new venture. The programme focuses on the identified market opportunity, scrumming and helping you launch your startup; Growth Strategy; and how best to finance and ensure that your startup is profitable.