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You will receive confirmation of your participation by the 8th of November!


We look forward to seeing you.

The GEW Hackathon aims to bring in developers, strategists, and thinkers to explore digital opportunities and also help solve pressing problems faced by large corporates and start-ups focusing on key industry sectors. A total cash prize of R200k will be up for grabs split in the following way:


  1. R100k
  2. R60k
  3. R40k

Date : 10-12 November 2023

This is a 48hour Hackathon starting Friday 17h00 till Sunday 17h00.

  1. The hackathon will serve as a platform to huddle and solve fintech challenges faced by African Bank
  2. To help generate high value actionable ideas and product concepts.
  3. To test the technical competencies of young developers by offering them opportunities to solve critical challenges.
  4. To boost a culture of innovation, idea sharing, effective collaboration and creativeness driven by enthusiasm towards a shared vision.
  5. To speed up product launches.
  1. Software Developers Computer Engineers
  2. Strategists
  3. Thinkers
  4. Designers Techies

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