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Author Zinhle Mncube
23 Aug

The Need For A Mission-Driven Country

This past Saturday, I had the privilege of programme directing the Digital Economy Multilateral Interchange, which was hosted by the South African BRICS Business Council’s Working Group on the Digital Economy. The session, which was open to members of the public, was filled with progressive and thought-provoking dialogue from various members of respective Digital Working Groups from the BRICS member countries.

7 Sep

On The Vows We Make To Startups, Best Not Forget Patience And Humility

As a recently wedded man, it’s safe to say I’m in a honeymoon phase of my marriage. Sunshine glows out of my beautiful bride's face, Labrador puppies run out with joy alongside her every time she enters the room and her heavy breathing when she sleeps is like calming rain (sorry honey!). However, the process that led us to our engagement and eventual marriage was fraught with many a prickly situation that, at worst, culminated in the question, “is this it? This surely cannot be it.”