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AfricArena Johannesburg Summit 2024

AfricArena is an African tech ecosystem accelerator. Through events, AfricArena accelerates the growth of tech startups and the ecosystems in which they operate by providing a platform where they can share their business model, gain valuable networks and attain funding.

This year, AfricArena will organise 45 hybrid events across 4 regions in Africa, building up to the annual AfricArena Summit in Cape Town. The Pan-African events will bring together startups, investors, and corporations operating in the Region. ±25 startups from across Africa will be selected to pitch at the event. Those events will act as semi-final pitch sessions before our Grand Summit in Cape Town in December 2024.

The Johannesburg Summit will be taking place from the 23rd to 24th of April 2024 at 22 on Sloane in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The 2-day conference will feature pitches from 20+ startups operating in Southern Africa and all across Africa, from Seed to Growth stage startups, as well as keynotes and panel discussions from the top minds in business, tech, and investment in the region.

About Startup Huddle Johannesburg

The Startup Huddle event provides a platform for entrepreneurs to discover solutions to the challenges they face through purposeful engagement with a broad array of voices from the local community, who can also share their experiences.


Startups are given context about the topic at hand, which includes tools, tricks and techniques from experts. This can take up to 10min. Thereafter, they will be given 2-3 minutes to tell us about some of the challenges they have encountered in their business venture. Participants then get into small groups where they Huddle for a 10-minute -interactive activity. Each group selects a team member or two to share what they discussed. The Huddle will close off having equipped the techies with practical and value-add experience they can use in their startup journey.