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The Global Entrepreneurship Congress Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Press Release | February 4, 2022

The Global Entrepreneurship Congress

27 March – 30 March 2022: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Global Entrepreneurship Congress is a gathering of startup champions from around the world—where entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers and ecosystem leaders work together to help bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare. Hosted in different rising entrepreneurial cities, the Global Entrepreneurship Congress fosters collaboration among thousands of delegates from 200 countries to define action in addressing challenges around growing entrepreneurial ecosystems and more effectively enabling entrepreneurs everywhere. 


The main theme of GEC 2022 is Reboot, Rethink, Regenerate. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated massive changes in consumer behavior and nations are rallying to reboot, rethink and regenerate their economies through cross-border collaboration on policies and programs towards a more sustainable and equitable post-pandemic world.   


The GEC focuses on the intersection between these trends. You can expect cutting-edge keynotes, panel discussions and workshops covering:   

  • Resetting a new generation of ecosystems  
  • Connectivity and cross-border collaboration  
  • The importance of inclusive economies  
  • New solutions for global challenges  
  • The new role of government in enabling entrepreneurs 


GEC 2022 will be taking place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from the 27th – 30th of March 2022. The ecosystem is poised for rapid expansion with new accelerators, co-working spaces, programs and strong government support – new elements of which are being worked on now and will be unveiled at the GEC.  


The Global Entrepreneurship Congress was designed to build one global ecosystem – creating a community for entrepreneurs and those that support them. It strengthens and connects local and national ecosystems venturing beyond simple matchmaking and deal flow to broker trust and collaboration. The conference also brings an astounding level of human capital and global resources from 200 countries to one place – connecting local entrepreneurs, investors and ecosystem builders with their global counterparts. Furthermore, GEC leads to legacy projects such as 22 on Sloane, which at 10,000 square meters, is the largest startup campus in Africa.  


The real impact lies in the indirect, intangible, and long-term developments that cities and countries experience over many years after the Global Entrepreneurship Congress. As a result, the GEC:  


  1. Spotlights the world’s highest performing startup, scale up and innovation programs.
  2. Leverages a common value creation culture to identify shared challenges and opportunities between innovation ecosystems. 
  3. Enhances the institutional capacity of entrepreneur support programs through knowledge transfer and global connectivity.
  1. Identifies highly effective government policies to enhance the performance of its entrepreneurs, investors and support systems. 
  1. Enables cities and countries to precisely benchmark ecosystem performance by identifying important indicators and highlighting the latest data-driven efforts to measure growth. 
  1. Provides a unique platform for entrepreneurs to promote their ideas, products, and services.
  2. Demonstrates the vibrancy of the local ecosystem and its potential as an innovation hub for the region and the world. 


Join South Africa’s delegation at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress as we celebrate the country’s entrepreneurial spirit on a global stage and meet the GEN community! 


Register to attend the GEC Summit here:


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