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Recently, over 3000 delegates attended the 2018 Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) at the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) 22 on Sloane campus, held in partnership with various private and public sector stakeholders.

With a captive audience of entrepreneurs at the GEW, we found that this was an opportune time and the ideal arena to investigate the significance of the political landscape in relation to businesses, specifically start-ups and those in the early growth stage. To this end we conducted a survey, which was completed by 300 respondents.

As campaigning for the 2019 national elections starts to move up a gear, various party ideologies are being bandied about, centred mostly on land reforms, economic prosperity (hand-in-hand with job creation), inclusion, leadership and transformation.

Small businesses, ecosystem builders and stakeholders, as well as the corporate sector are remarkably involved and engaged in the political process. What’s more, their political positions and ideologies are as diverse as the economy they fuel.

Our analysis provides keen insights into the political mindedness of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, that being how it regards the various policies and economic trajectories envisioned by the major parties.

It’s important to remember that entrepreneurship is deemed to be the backbone of any economy (and any country for that matter). Understanding their thought processes and views on the economy can support planning and development. Also, involving their inputs in policy decision-making is also essential for the much-needed transformation required to address the social reforms in this country. 

One aspect on which nearly all agreed upon, regardless of party affiliation, is that in the years to come, all our political parties should be less party-focused and more people-focused – inclusive and transformative.

Over half of our respondents were aged between 26 and 35, mostly start-ups (31%) and in the early growth stage of business (24.20%). 


The key findings from the 300 respondents are provided below in two sections.


La French Tech launches in Johannesburg

La French Tech launches in Johannesburg

Last week, 22 on Sloane start-up campus warmly welcomed the French community to celebrate the launch of La French Tech Johannesburg. Among those in attendance included the French Ambassador to South Africa, Aurelien Lechevallier, the MMC for the City of Johannesburg, Cllr Leah Knot, French tech leaders, Christophe Viarnaud and Antoine Paillusseau, as well as 200 guests

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