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Press Release | 22 On Sloane Launches Township Digital Market Access Programme in Partnership with UK-South Africa Tech Hub

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Press Release | June 18, 2024

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Date: 12 June 2024


Press Release | 22 On Sloane Launches Township Digital Market Access Programme in Partnership with UK-South Africa Tech Hub


22 On Sloane is proud to announce the launch of the Township Digital Market Access programme which is in partnership with UK-South Africa Tech Hub. The programme aims to empower and onboard 200 township small and medium enterprises (SMMEs) from Soweto, Diepsloot, Tembisa, Hammanskraal and Soshanguve onto E-commerce and Marketplace platforms such as Takealot and Spaza Eats using Last Mile delivery such as Mapha Logistics and Delivery Ka Speed.


Over three months, participants will receive training, mentorship, and support to effectively utilise digital platforms for sustainable growth, all while ensuring compliance with necessary e-commerce registrations. Before being integrated into e-commerce platforms, selected SMMEs will undergo a structured capacity-building program, expert networking opportunities, mentorship, and access to crucial resources for digital business scaling.


This partnership with the UK-South Africa Tech Hub will enhance the programme’s impact by leveraging expertise and resources to drive digital inclusion and foster innovation. We encourage startups and entrepreneurs from eligible townships to seize this opportunity for growth and innovation by submitting their applications.

According to Mahlatse Tolamo, 22 On Sloane’s Stakeholder Relations Manager, “the Township Digital Market Access represents a crucial step towards economic empowerment and inclusive growth. Through this programme, we aim to support and uplift Township SMMEs, enabling them to thrive in the digital age. Additionally, in our efforts in understanding the unemployment landscape and how entrepreneurship can serve as a vehicle in addressing this, we created a white paper report titled ‘SMME Job Creation in South Africa’ which drew inspiration from the National Planning Commission’s 10-year review of the National Development Plan. This white paper outlines various interventions necessary for the country to realise the objectives of the NDP, including the creation of 3.2 million new SMMEs, conducting a comprehensive analysis of skills gaps within the SMME workforce, assessing regulatory frameworks, and enhancing support systems for entrepreneurial development.”


Milisa Mabinza, the Director of the UK – South Africa Tech Hub stated, “With South Africa’s tech landscape boasting over 500 startups, the industry holds the potential to drive economic growth, employment, and foster innovative solutions to government’s shortcomings. However, a digital divide exists in the tech ecosystem that is a mirror image of the country’s socioeconomic disparities. Access to technology platforms and tools, access to networks, access to markets and funding, are barriers that keep the industry inaccessible to startups and SMMEs. It is for this reason we believe digital inclusion can play an important role in creating and equalizing opportunities for township based SMMEs in the digital economy. This initiative in partnership with 22 on Sloane can vastly change the way businesses in townships operate, by enabling market access for entrepreneurs outside of the geographical limitations imposed on them.”


Applications to join the programme will open from the 12th to the 28th of June 2024. This is a great opportunity to leverage this programme and take your business to new heights in the digital age.


About 22 On Sloane and the UK-South Africa Tech Hub:

22 On Sloane, Africa’s largest startup campus, is dedicated to Powering the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs. As the proud headquarters of GEN Africa, it supports entrepreneurship development across the nation. GEN Africa connects African entrepreneurs to global resources and advocates for policies driving sustainable growth. The UK-South Africa Tech Hub, an initiative of the UK government, works to promote digital inclusion and inclusive growth in partner countries by stimulating local digital economies and forging innovation partnerships.


For inquiries and applications, please contact:


Telephone: 011 463 7602



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