22 ON SLOANE is the largest startup campus in Africa. The campus offers disruptive startups and innovative SMEs a complete turnkey solution to scale, from the initial idea all the way to commercialisation, funding opportunities and access to markets. Its aim is to nurture the entrepreneurial mindset, ensure their sustainability, and explore development of new industries and contribute towards job creation in Africa.

A global and diverse team of experienced entrepreneurs, mentors, scientists, managers, CEOs, and funders support entrepreneurs enrolled at the campus, with product development, services and business models. The experts are active throughout the journey to build their companies and assist with market entry and financing through angel funders and venture capitals.

“I am very thrilled to be here. I am not a businessman but I think I can help business people with information that will help them thrive. The vibrancy and energy in this environment is addictive and I look forward to engaging young people in this space and adding as much value as I can”.

Dr. Pali Lehohla Former Statistician General of South Africa

“GEN is focused on bringing best-in-class programs, communities and support from its network operating in 170 nations to Africa’s next generation of entrepreneurs. We could not be more proud that 22 ON SLOANE — the first physical space in the world carrying the GEN brand — is opening in Johannesburg and we stand alongside our African friends and partners in making it possible for anyone, anywhere to start and scale their business.”

Jonathan Ortmans President: Global Entrepreneurship Network

“For us the campus is about building a community from all over the African continent. I believe that 22 on Sloane is for everyone — and anyone”.

Kizito Okechukwu Chairperson – GEN Africa

“My vision is to create a base where entrepreneurs can emerge having the requisite skills base and support to propel them into a greater level that would enable them to contribute to job creation and poverty alleviation, whilst harnessing the values and principles of a true entrepreneur.”

Lindiwe Zulu Minister of Small Business Development: South Africa

“Every big business in this world was started by an entrepreneur — and small businesses are the ones creating the jobs, innovating and making life better for everybody. You have to do the hard part first to be able to get into position to make a difference”.

Richard Branson Founder – Virgin Group

“I believe that South Africa and Nigeria are poised to lead the entrepreneurial revolution in Africa.”

Aisha Abubakar Minister of State for Trade and Industry: Nigeria

“22 on Sloane have more than delivered on their promise to assist us as African Start-Ups to grow and connect. I always know I have access to key expertise that will develop my business. The atmosphere and culture are conducive to ensuring entrepreneurs can thrive.”

Jamie Rood Co-Founder, ClockWork

“22 ON SLOANE is a great vibrant business incubator. The ambience of the place, the energy from our co-entrepreneurs and the support from the campus management makes this place ideal to thrash out ideas and grow your company to new levels.”

Koketso Molefi Managing Director, Thaga Engineering (Pty) Ltd



We offer students, startups and SMEs individual support and systematic mentorship and coaching in developing new products and services, guidance on building up a successful business when entering the market and in the growth stage.


To make ideas and technologies into successful products and services, 22 ON SLOANE applies a concept known as Business Design. Business Design combines principles from design and strategic management, thus identifying and realizing key opportunities for new and sustainable businesses and assisting systematically.


Our work focuses on many industries with a priority focus on: Agri Tech; EduTech; Energy Tech; E-Commerce; FinTech; HealthTech; Transportation Tech.


22 ON SLOANE through its partners and network globally provides Angel Funding and Venture Capital for promising young companies in our key priority sectors.


The Technical labs at 22 ON SLOANE support entrepreneurs with the technical expert advice and support, access to 3D printing, CAD and CAM software as well as prototype development and testing through partner labs.


Each Saturday, we offer weekend programmes for youths aged 13 – 17. The programmes apply the concept of design thinking. They encourage participants to develop a proof of concept from their initial idea to prototyping.

For queries, please send email to ovayo@22onsloane.co



Africa’s largest startup campus was officially launched on Friday 10th November 2017 by Richard Branson – founder of the Virgin Group, Minister Lindiwe Zulu – Department of Small Business Development, together with Gauteng Premier David Makhura and Jonathan Ortmans -GEN President. The launch also coincided with the 10th Anniversary of the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW).


Investing in start-ups should be our collateral beauty.

Over the past weekend, I watched a movie called Collateral Beauty starring Will Smith. He plays a successful New York advertising executive who suffers a great tragedy when his family dies. This made him instantly retreat from work, which compromised his business, seeing him lose both his clients and staff.

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Info Trade’s proof of staying power secures R250k seed grant to scale.

The Tyler Perry-produced movie Acrimony, which was released this year, received mixed reactions. Many questioned the script and some just blew it off as a bloated drama. However, I’m not here to give my two cents worth as a movie critic. Rather, I’d like to lift a lesson out of the movie’s premise, regarding the start-up entrepreneurship ecosystem. And this is adversity, which every start-up is guaranteed to face.

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Woman of steel proves her mettle for business investment.

Small businesses are the economic engines of any country. Yet no space is more mentally challenging, highly competitive and financially frustrating.

Countries that understand the true worth and contributing power of their small businesses can thrive immensely by building the necessary and relevant ecosystems to fully support and scale them to sustainability.

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Advancing Entrepreneurship Education in Schools

Entrepreneurs are undoubtedly the engine of any country’s economy. Yet they’re not born, but rather made by the contingencies of their environment, one which is characterised by the agents of socialisation and plays an impactful role in developing the next generation of start-ups.

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IBM partners with 22 ON SLOANE to launch its entrepreneurship programme

Founded in 1911, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is an American multinational technology company headquartered in New York, USA and has operations in over 170 countries.

Affectionately known as “Big Blue”, IBM is a pioneering industry legend and manufactures and markets computer hardware, middleware, software and provides hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. The company also holds the record for most U.S. patents generated for 25 consecutive years. These include the ATM, the PC, the floppy disk, the hard disk drive and the magnetic stripe card, to name just a few.

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Re-skilling for the Future: GirlCode Hackathon at 22 Sloane

Last week, the quarterly labour force survey, conducted by Statistics SA, revealed that the unemployment rate rose to 27.2% in the second quarter, from 26.7% in the first three months of this year. This equates to 6.1 million people without jobs in the three months till the end of June, compared to 6 million in the previous quarter, with the manufacturing sector being the main contributor to job losses.

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Local fashion steals (some of) the show at BRICS.

Anyone who followed the three-day BRICS summit in Joburg will undoubtedly agree that it was totally overshadowed by the fierce trade war, instigated by the US President Donald Trump, as world leaders from Brazil, Russia, India and China gathered in South Africa, hosted by President Cyril Ramaphosa. They had one mission in mind – how do we increase cooperation, facilitate economic transformation and become a global force?

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Urban Grown – How committed are our start-ups?

How committed are our start-ups?KIZITO OKECHUKWU | JULY 10, 2018 Pictured Above: Simba Chimhandamba Entrepreneurship is not an easy road, it never has been and never will be. The risk and reward factor is often skewed largely towards risk, making aspirant...

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Is there a future for start-ups after 2030?

Is there a future for start-ups after 2030? KIZITO OKECHUKWU | JUNE 27, 2018 As we all know, start-ups have always existed, as documented by a recent CNN report on the historical brands that are now celebrating their 100 year existence, which includes...

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5 key ingredients for long-term digital success

5 Key Ingredients For Long-Term Digital Success GEN AFRICA | JUNE 11, 2018 The fourth industrial revolution continues to disrupt how businesses operate with creative, digital start-ups challenging established organisations. Traditional industries are being...

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