National Entrepreneurship Strategy Consultation hosted in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in partnership with UNIDO and UNCTAD


The Ministry of Industry, supported by several key partners, will be leading the first stakeholder consultation strategy workshop from the 27th – 28th March in Addis Ababa. The consultation process will include stakeholders from the financial and non-financial private sector, civil society, NGOs and the donor community.

The government of Ethiopia recognizes the prominent role of start-up and MSMEs in the development for Ethiopia’s economic growth, diversification and resilience to make Ethiopia a middle income country by 2025, as per the Second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP II). Policies initiated by different ministries, as well as governmental programmes and initiatives have been designed to achieve this goal. To align closely with the GTP II, the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) harnessed its on-going programmes and prioritized key interventions under the Programme for Country Partnership (PCP) currently being implemented within the framework of the Ethiopian Industry Development Strategy. PCP, a process-oriented approach is led by the national government and serves as a hub for development partners, UN agencies, financial institutions and business sectors to synergize efforts and accelerate the countries inclusive and sustainable industrial development goals set out in GTP II.

UNIDO’s Youth and Women Entrepreneurship project (YoWep), designed under the PCP framework, aims to support the country’s industrialization process both by building the capacity of the government implementing agencies and crafting a guiding strategy/framework (NES) for aligning various initiatives and actors on entrepreneurship development. This strategy, moreover, envisages structural transformation enhancing job creation, and leading to economic empowerment of youth and women MSMEs in the PCP priority sectors.

The conclusion of a policy desk research and stakeholders mapping analysis of the ecosystem point to the need of a coherent policy framework centered around the development of entrepreneurship in Ethiopia. The formulation of an entrepreneurship strategy and action plan for Ethiopia is therefore conceived as one of the main tools to create linkages among the different existing initiatives and further draws attention to existing gaps in the current policy framework. “To create the necessary synergies between the different domains related to entrepreneurship, it is necessary to establish inter-ministerial coordination and local ownership in Ethiopia. The strategy session will enable key stakeholders to create an inclusive and sustainable environment for entrepreneurs particularly for businesses owned by the youth and women of Ethiopia” says Fiorina Mugione, Chief Entrepreneurship Section, Unctad.

The consultation process will be chaired under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and the Ethiopian Development Research Institute. This will lead to policy recommendations and outcomes to address the following:

• Optimizing the regulatory framework;
• Enhancing entrepreneurship education and skills development;
• Facilitating technology exchange and innovation;
• Improving access to finance;
• Promoting awareness and networking;

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