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GEN Juniors 2023 Cohort Launches


Press Release | July 4, 2023

In 2022, we launched a new programme called GEN Juniors – which is a youth development programme aimed at instilling and nurturing the entrepreneurship mindset within young people between the ages of 13-18.

The programme is focused on developing young minds in business, more so in technology. As a high-tech startup hub, our aim for the Gen Juniors programme is to give youngsters a hands-on learning experience of the tech industry, to support them in the growth and development of their business minds. This will also aid in inspiring these youngsters to develop something for themselves and work towards being tech-enabled.   


“We’re entering a new world where the jobs we know today won’t exist”

– Mr Simon White


On the 28th of June 2023, we launched the 2023 cohort who will enrol in our Gen Juniors programme for 5 months, with classes taking place twice a month on our campus. We hosted 30 learners from 6 township schools on our campus, namely Soshanguve Secondary School, Kgololo Academy, Leap Science and maths school, Chartwell Entrepreneur and leadership school, Buhle Park School, and Abor Primary School. 


During our induction, we brought the 2022 cohort alumni to come and share their experience in the programme, what they have learned, and how applying the lessons helped them in their businesses.  


With no experience in business, Thabang Muthavhine, founder of Thabo’s Shoes & Sneakers Wash said “The Gen Juniors programme taught me more to be more strategic and learn that I must be a more creative thinker when selling my services. After applying that, I got more customers”.  


This is the kind of feedback we are striving for in this programme. We look forward to hosting the 2023 cohort and helping more students start/grow their businesses.  


The programme’s benefits also include the learners’ exposure to our Global Entrepreneurship Network and the possible opportunity to travel to some of the GEN events and join the 22 On Sloane ecosystem. 


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