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10 Apr

30 Years on, Rwanda continues to inspire

2023 was my third time in Rwanda. It’s a country that many will remember for the genocide that befell the country 30 years ago, where close to a million Rwandans were killed in a civil war, sparked by tensions between the Hutus and Tutsis tribe.

3 Apr

South Africa to create a million new SMMEs by 2030

The National Development Plan (NDP) places the responsibility of creating 90% of all jobs in South Africa on SMMEs. Currently in South Africa, it is estimated that SMMEs create about 60% of all jobs, which means that we are still a bit behind most regions in the world. In most nations, SMMEs account for the most jobs in their economy. According to the EuroFund, SMMEs constitute more than 99% of European companies and account for about two-thirds of private sector employment and job growth. To achieve the NDP target, the white paper published by 22 On Sloane in January 2024, estimates that South Africa will need to create 3.2 million new SMMEs in the next seven years in order to achieve the NDP target. Which means that with an average of 3.7 employees per SMME, the country could likely create around 11.9 million new jobs by 2030.

14 Mar

Global Entrepreneurship Congress Africa welcomes 2000 delegates to Cape Town

The long-awaited Global Entrepreneurship Congress Africa kicked off yesterday in the Mother City with thousands of delegates comprising of entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers and entrepreneur support organisations. About a dozen ministers from across the continent also jetted in with their delegation of entrepreneurs and ecosystem stakeholders to network and connect with top minds and players in Africa’s ecosystem.

5 Mar

Brace for impact! Africa’s entrepreneurship ecosystem is set to descend in Cape Town

Cape Town is gearing up to host the Global Entrepreneurship Congress Africa (GEC+Africa) on the 13th and 14th of March 2024 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. This groundbreaking congress, powered by the Department of Small Business Development and African Bank, is poised to spotlight Africa’s entrepreneurial prowess by connecting visionaries with global opportunities.

14 Feb

Becoming the best loser as an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are one of the craziest creatures on earth. Frantically enough, they keep believing, even when they cannot see how they’ll survive the arduous path facing them. They hit many roadblocks, have numerous doubts and eventually either fail or succeed in their venture. Some say that it’s the starting period right up until full failure or closure that determines and builds the entrepreneur.

25 Jan

South Africa needs around 3.21 million new SMMEs by 2030 to achieve NDP targets

The National Planning Commission (NPC) recently released its ten-year review of the National Development Plan (NDP). The NDP review revealed that the vision for South Africa outlined in the NDP has not been realised over the past decade. The review revealed that the NDP has been marginalised, leading to fragmented planning and ineffective implementation. The NDP places the responsibility of creating 90% of new jobs in the workforce in South Africa on the SMME sector, between 2010 and 2030. The small business sector, which had an estimated 2.5 million small businesses in 2019, was most severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.