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24 Jan

SMME Job Creation in South Africa Report a GEC+Africa 2024 Legacy Project – 24 January 2024

The National Planning Commission (NPC) recently released its ten-year review of the National Development Plan (NDP). The NDP review revealed that the vision for South Africa outlined in the NDP has not been realised over the past decade. The review revealed that the NDP has been marginalised, leading to fragmented planning and ineffective implementation. The report lists the reasons for not meeting the NDP goals as varied and interconnected, including systemic issues exacerbated by factors like the COVID-19 pandemic, unsuitable policies, declining governance, corruption, rising crime and growing social fragmentation.

31 Jul

Nigeria Leads GEC+Africa Regional Pitch Competition Tour

The Global Entrepreneurship Congress Africa (GEC+ Africa) partnered with GEN Nigeria to host the first Pitch Competition event in Lagos, Nigeria ahead of the congress. The entrepreneurship regional pitching competitions aim to bring in startups and SMMEs from across the continent to showcase their businesses. This will be an opportunity to highlight Africa’s innovative startups and SMMEs, and a platform to strengthen each country’s entrepreneurship ecosystem.

4 Jul

GEN Juniors 2023 Cohort Launches

In 2022, we launched a new programme called GEN Juniors - which is a youth development programme aimed at instilling and nurturing the entrepreneurship mindset within young people between the ages of 13-18.

26 Jun

The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2023

The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2023 (GSER 2023) is a comprehensive analysis of the current state of startup ecosystems worldwide. Now in its 11th year, the GSER provides insights into the world’s leading startup ecosystems, emerging trends, and key challenges facing entrepreneurs. It is based on extensive research and analysis of data from 3.5 million startups across 290 global ecosystems and over a decade of independent research and providing policy advice to more than 145 clients in over 50 countries to date.

23 Jun

Startup Genome and Global Entrepreneurship Network Launch 2023 Global Startup Ecosystem Report

Johannesburg, South Africa - The 2023 Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER) by Startup Genome and the Global Entrepreneurship Network was launched on the 15TH of June, 2023 at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam. The GSER is powered by the world’s most comprehensive and quality-controlled dataset on startup ecosystems. Informed by data on 3.5 million startups across 290+ global ecosystems, the report provides compelling new insights and deep knowledge about startup trends around the world.

10 May

Join the South African Delegation to Melbourne: Global Entrepreneurship Congress

The Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) is a platform that fosters cross-broader collaboration between entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policymakers, and entrepreneurial support organisations. This collaboration fuels healthier ecosystems that make it easier for anyone, anywhere to start and scale a business while creating jobs and driving economic growth in the process.