Mon 27 Mar 2023
Africa's Largest Startup Campus
Author Kizito Okechukwu
16 Feb

Gaining Inspirational Economic Insights From Saudi Arabia

Many years ago, when someone mentioned Saudi Arabia, the first things that probably came to mind were oil and luxury, diamond-studded million dollar cars. We deemed it a conservative country, a country that is closed out from the rest of the world – and a country not worth visiting.

27 Jul

When Backing Small Businesses, Brands Can Learn from SASOL’S Playbook With Banyana Banyana

The now much-loved and lauded South Africa’s national women’s soccer team (aka Banyana Banyana) plays under the auspices of the South African Football Federation (SAFA)

7 Dec

As We Wind Down 2021, We Need To Start Winding Up For 2022

Even soothsayers, fortune tellers, numerologists and sangoma’s couldn’t predict what has befallen our globe. Of course, many of us are just grateful to be alive amidst one of the worst pandemics the world has experienced, since the likes of the Black Death in the mid 1300’s – a bubonic plague and the most fatal pandemic in human history.

10 Jul

The Ultimate Risk Taker, Innovator & Rocket Man Boldly Goes To The Final Frontier

Whether it’s finding or losing my virginity, doing it the Virgin way - or screwing it up and doing all over again, any of these books by Richard Branson holds a proud place on my bookshelf and I constantly devour any content he shares.

17 Jun

Africa Can Learn Much From The New US Innovation & Competition Act

Recently, I watched the US senate debate the Innovation and Competition Act, which is a bill authorizing USD$250bn for basic and advanced research technology research over the next five years.

17 Feb

Africa Can Achieve Continental Free Trade, Only if…

Arguably, one of the most difficult tasks that can be bestowed on one is to negotiate with various parties. This task becomes more burdensome when it involves different people, institutions, organisations and nations that have so much complexity.