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Author Kizito Okechukwu
31 May

Vox Populi, Vox Dei: In the next few days, we will learn the outcome of the voice of the people

Yesterday, millions of South Africans exercised their democratic rights by voting in the national and provincial elections. Thirty years since the end of Apartheid, this seventh election is a great manifestation of the healthy democracy that citizens enjoy in South Africa.

16 May

Only Small Businesses can solve our 32.9% Unemployment Woes

Two days ago, Statistics South Africa released its Quarterly Labour Force Survey for the first Quarter of 2024, which put our unemployment rate at 32.9%. This equates to an increase of 0,8 of a percentage point between the fourth quarter of 2023 translating to 8.2 million unemployed people. If one were to look at the expanded definition of unemployment, then concerningly this figure sits at 12.1 million unemployed.

10 May

The Business of Music is our Business

Reflecting on my own musical journey, the nuns and priests made us sing our lungs out in early days of school. I always believed I was a good singer, but my music teacher said that I frequently switched - without warning - from tenor to bass or soprano.

25 Apr

For SMMEs to have the freedom to survive and thrive, they need a robust entrepreneurship ecosystem

It’s no secret that entrepreneurs are the driving force behind economic growth and job creation. Most economies in the world are powered by entrepreneurs, who in turn create between 60-90% of jobs in their various countries. For entrepreneurs to have the freedom to prosper, they need a robust ecosystem that supports their efforts. A vibrant and inter-connected system, great support networks and an open economy system are all but what makes entrepreneurs succeed.

18 Apr

Resilience and Grit helped Moosa and Kimwaga build their Business

Anyone who has visited 22 On Sloane in the past seven years will surely know that there are two faces that you’ll remember, those of Taher and Lesetse. In November 2017, their incredible journey to success began when they pitched their business to join the 22 On Sloane residency. They thought thoroughly before answering questions, spoke softly and remained totally calm - and we had to be very focused on grasping all that they were saying. After their pitch, I soon realised that they weren’t the typical Silicon Valley or “hyper-oratorian” entrepreneurs that one would associate within their industry.

10 Apr

30 Years on, Rwanda continues to inspire

2023 was my third time in Rwanda. It’s a country that many will remember for the genocide that befell the country 30 years ago, where close to a million Rwandans were killed in a civil war, sparked by tensions between the Hutus and Tutsis tribe.