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22 on Sloane’s Ideas to Market Startup Challenge


The Ideas to Market 21 Day challenge is an initiative of 22 on Sloane aimed at driving social impact through technology enabled solutions. Given that majority of countries are on lockdown due to the COVID-19, this serves as an opportunity to challenge Africa’s youth into developing solutions for the challenges faced on the continent. The challenge encourages participants to provide solutions in three main tech centric areas: Health, Education and Finance.

On Health Tech Challenge – Given the current global health pandemic, participants will be required to develop a technology solution that will assist in providing access to healthcare products and services on the African continent while restricting physical contact. The challenge is open from 2nd till 8th April 2020.

On the EdTech Challenge – access to education and learning institutions/platforms has also been impacted by the global spread of COVID-19. Participants are required to provide an EdTech solution that can enable cost-effective access to educational resources at scale. The challenge is open from 9th till 15th April 2020.

On the FinTech challenge – the global pandemic has intensified the financial limitations for impoverished Africans. The demand for user friendly, innovative and cost-effective methods of financial transaction has substantially increased. Participants are required to formulate a Tech solution that can adequately address this challenge. The challenge is open from 16th till 22nd April 2020.

Winners of the challenge will receive an entrance into 22 on Sloane incubator for 6 months which is worth over R200,000 (USD$13,000).

Ideas To Market 21 Day Challenge


Access to education and learning institutions has also been impacted by the global spread of COIVID-19. Provide an Edtech-solution that can enable cost effective virtual access to educational resources at scale for the African continent.

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